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How many calories are Burned Swimming: Check This Chart to Find Out

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Michael Phelps stated that he ate between 8,000 and 10,000 calories per day at his peak. It’s not a loopy factor to marvel how somebody can eat hundreds of energy and keep in form.

What number of calories does swimming burn, anyway?

For those who prepare like an Olympic swimmer, spending hours within the pool swimming at a vigorous effort along with other training, you’re going to burn loads of calories.

A lot, that Phelps was in a position to eat that many calories a day and nonetheless stroll away with a six — er — eight-pack.

However for the common one who merely desires a superb, low-impact workout from their swimming routine, likelihood is you hardly ever have greater than an hour to remain within the pool.

Nonetheless, that may burn a superb variety of calories, even should you’re solely within the water for a half-hour.

That’s largely on account of the truth that swimming is a killer cardio exercise that challenges your complete physique and builds cardiorespiratory endurance.

Beneath we calculated the variety of calories burned swimming laps with a freestyle stroke at each a vigorous and average effort for half-hour.

(The calculations come from the Compendium of Physical Activities and Cornell University Ergonomics Web METS to Calories Calculator.)

How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn?

man doing butterfly stroke | How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn

Try the charts to be taught roughly what number of calories you’ll burn in a half-hour exercise based mostly in your weight, then dive in!

Keep in mind, although, that these are simply estimates. Precise calorie burn depends upon much more than simply weight.

Your physique composition, age, gender, genetics, and health degree can even have an effect on your complete vitality expenditure throughout train.

Calories Burned Swimming at a Vigorous Effort

Weight (lbs.) Energy Burned (30 minutes.)
130 290
140 312
150 334
160 356
170 379
180 401
190 423
200 446

Calorie Burned Swimming at a Reasonable Effort

Weight (lbs.) Energy Burned (30 minutes.)
130 171
140 185
150 198
160 211
170 224
180 237
190 251
200 264

Swimming Suggestions and Exercises

Now that you understand how many energy you’ll be able to burn swimming, it’s time to get to work!

Want some steering? We’ve acquired you:

calories burned swimming graphic | How Many Calories Does Swimming Burn


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