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Larry Wheels Crushes a 661-Pound Paused Bench Press

Larry Wheels paused bench press 665 pounds


Larry “Wheels” Williams isn’t any stranger to the power sports activities sphere. A bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman, and well-liked YouTuber (roughly 2.25 million subscribers), Wheels is without doubt one of the extra recognizable names in a group of elite athletes. On April 3, 2022, Wheels made waves along with his power when he achieved a one-rep, 661-pound paused bench press in coaching

Per Open Powerlifting, Wheels’ mark eclipses his best-ever conventional bench press in a powerlifting competitors by 16 kilos. He’s additionally pressed 675 kilos, uncooked, in coaching. And this elevate was additionally uncooked, whereas Wheels wore elbow and wrist wraps for his paused bench press. Given the bench press variation that some would possibly think about more difficult, it’s a powerful power displaying. 

Take a look at Wheels’ staggering elevate beneath, courtesy of his Instagram page

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Advantages of the Paused Bench Press

The first distinction between the paused bench press and the normal variation is time.

A powerlifter will take a brief pause throughout a paused bench after reducing a loaded barbell to their chest. It is just after the break that they elevate the burden again up. In distinction to the usual bench press, which is touch-and-go — the lifter doesn’t pause the rep on the backside. 

One cause powerlifters elect to generally practice with a paused bench is to strengthen the underside section of their normal bench press. And aggressive powerlifters are required to implement a pause. Throughout a sanctioned occasion, the lifter has the twin expectation of performing the total vary of movement of the bench press, and ensuring the barbell is fully immobile in a brief pause on the backside earlier than locking out the rep. Something much less, and an officiant might not acknowledge the rep.

The paused bench press can act as a useful simulation of a meet’s stipulations.

So far as power challenges, the paused bench press can create power progress by eliminating one essential element.

In a touch-and-go bench press, a powerlifter has the good thing about having their power and the pure stretch reflex the momentum they generate whereas reducing their barbell helps with the elevate. By pausing on the backside, the powerlifter takes the stretch reflex out of the equation, and depends fully on their power to complete the rep. 

If a powerlifter can make the most of the paused bench press nicely, it’ll possible be to their profit. Analysis exhibits that whereas the pause will increase the prospect for failure, it additionally will increase potential power positive aspects and endurance over time particularly with improved quantity. (1)

By coaching with a paused bench press, somebody like Wheels may put together for a contest and improve his quantity concurrently.

Versatile Energy

It’s been over two years since Wheels final competed in a proper powerlifting occasion. This newest paused bench press appears to reiterate that he doesn’t want meets to showcase his power. A comparatively current 430.1-kilogram squat (950 kilos) carried out with chains, and an 11-rep set of a 337.9-kilogram deadlift (745 kilos) present Wheels has unimaginable, adaptable energy no matter whether or not he exhibits it in a contest. 


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Featured picture: @larrywheels on Instagram


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