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Pilates for Weight Loss | Beachbody Blog

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When you’re looking to lose weight, a program like XB Pilates or Xtend Barre may not be the first to leap to mind — but maybe they should.

“With consistent use of XB Pilates, our workout can help support weight-loss goals,” says trainer Jen Cordiner.

“Although founded on traditional Pilates principles, we offer the addition of low-impact cardio to maximize calorie burn,” she adds.

Paired with strengthening moves, “those low-impact cardio sequences can help with weight loss.”

How Pilates Can Help Support Weight Loss

Andrea Rogers leading XB Pilates class

Although Pilates burns fewer calories than a high-intensity cardio session, it can still be a helpful part of your weight-loss journey, especially when you choose a program like XB Pilates that includes cardio.

That’s because it gives you these advantages:

  • Tones the belly and hip area, giving you a leaner look.
  • Increases strength and flexibility.
  • Fun and motivating workouts encourage you to stick with the program.
  • Gives you confidence to make other healthy changes.

How Often Should You Do Pilates for Weight Loss?

Andrea Rogers leading XB Pilates class

If you’re just starting out, do Pilates two or three times a week for the first few weeks. Build up from there until you’re doing the practice four to five times a week.

With Pilates, like any workout plan, consistency is key, Cordiner says. That leads to better results.

If you can increase your efforts and do it more often, you’ll burn more calories each week.

How the ‘Pilates Effect’ Can Help

XB Pilates supports weight loss when paired with a healthy eating plan, and it was also created to improve flexibility and posture, says Cordiner.

Plus, the program’s focus on the core means those who do regular classes tend to stand up taller and feel stronger.

Even if the scale hasn’t budged, you might notice you feel different or your body looks different.

“The ‘Pilates effect’ is that you’ll feel more confident,” she says. “That can lead you to make more healthy lifestyle changes that can be part of your weight loss.”

Make Pilates Part of Your Weight-Loss Plan

Pilates for Weight Loss

The upbeat nature of XB Pilates might motivate you to make other changes to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

Here are some to consider.

A proper diet

Exercise and proper diet go hand in hand when it comes to losing weight and gaining strength.

Pair your Pilates workouts with a meal prep plan or follow a simple, effective nutrition plan that still allows you to eat the foods you like, like 2B Mindset or Portion Fix.

Cutting back on sugar

While the sweet stuff can still be an occasional indulgence, cutting back (or taking a break) can help you create regular calorie deficits, necessary for weight loss.

There are other advantages to cutting sugar, too, like less inflammation and steadier energy.

Make time for sleep

Skimping on the amount of sleep you get, or having inconsistent sleep habits, can hinder weight-loss efforts, a study in the Journal of Obesity noted.

Good news, though: Exercise and better sleep are connected, so it’s possible your XB Pilates classes could help you snooze as well as lose!


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