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Secret to Boosting Mood

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Product Name: Secret to Boosting Mood


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How This Strange South African “Bladder Cell” Plant Led One Woman to Discover the “Serotonin Switch” and Finally Recapture the Joy She Thought She’d Lost Forever

This simple solution is being enjoyed by thousands of women and men across the country to “disappear” the dark cloud of stress and anxiety hanging over their heads.

“Why is Mom so on edge all the time?

It feels like I’m always walking on eggshells. I can’t wait tograduate and get out of here.”

“I know, right? I don’t even likecoming back home anymore.”

I stood frozen in the hallway as I overheard my kids talking.

I was on my way to bring in some cookies before we started decorating the Christmas tree.

My oldest son was home from college over Thanksgiving break.

He and Brittany, a sophomore in high school, were chatting in hushed tones in the game room, unaware that I could hear them.

It killed me to hear that Brittany wanted out of the house so bad…

And that Ben didn’t even want to be here…

If you’ve ever experienced the horror that YOU were the cause of your child’s pain…

Then you know what I’m talking about.

But what she said next was the arrow to my heart that made me want to burst into a million pieces.

“I’ve been praying so hard for her, butHe’s obviously not answering my prayers.

I’m not even sure God’s real anymore.”

My chest heaved as my hand shot to my mouth to stop the sob that was about to explode out of me.

Tears began pouring down my face.

Frozen, I stood there just looking down at the carpet.

That’s when I realized a hard truth

I knew I’d been “edgy” forfar too long.

It seemed like there was always this low-grade agitation just simmering under the surface.

Have you ever made that realization about yourself?

Clearly, it had taken a toll on my family.

My family must have seen me as that “Ice Queen” from Narnia.

I was driving my family away from me…

The last thing any mother would want.

I thank God every day that I discovered a simple, powerfully effective solution that turned my low-grade agitation…

And it’s something that can work for you, too.

But it’s probably not what you think.

See, even though I’d heard countless sermons on “joy”…

It felt like the mountain of pressure and stress I was living under simply chased any joy away.

The weight of the world wason MY shoulders.

As “mom,” I carried the weight for school schedules, homework, sports practices, games, performances, and recitals…

The family budget and grocery shopping, the cooking and cleaning…

All while maintaining my own part-time job.

Have you ever felt like you were carrying the weight of pretty much everything?

My husband Rick is wonderful, but he works a lot and isn’t always around.

With all the plates I wassupposed to keep spinning…

Stress was my reality, not joy.

And to top it all off, I felt guilty about how powerless I felt.

All my prayers and Bible studies hadn’t done much to change it.

Clearly I was failing in my faith, too.

Which feels like the cardinal sin, right?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why does this seem to work for others, but not me?”

I sure did – nearly every day.

Now, as brutal as it was to overhear my kids’ conversation that night…

I’m beyond grateful to God it happened.

That’s because what happened next shocked me deep to my core.

In a chance encounter at a coffee shop, I discovered what I can only describe as an “anointed” solution to feeling so stressed, on edge, or agitated all the time.

Something that took away the heavy weight I seemed to be living under 24/7/365.

I actually experienced that beautiful passage from Isaiah:

He will give you beauty for ashes…

Lasting joy instead of mourning…

And a garment of celebration instead of a spirit of heaviness and despair. (Isa. 61:3)

I truly began to smile again.

Then I was blind-sided by the response to this changewith a different, unexpected burden.

Some in my congregation labeled me as a “bad influence,” controversial – even scandalous.

I was even brought before the church leadership council and questioned about my experience.

It was definitely “outside their box.”

But the path I took toreclaimmy joy, peace,and calm…

I’m convinced it camestraightfrom thehand of God…

Even still, there are still many powerful people at denomination headquarters who want toshut my message down.

But I refuse to be silenced.

So please read this letter all the way through to the end while you can.

Because right now, if it feels like you’ve been living with low-grade agitation…

Then you need to understand the true reason behind it.

You’ll see how a misunderstood Bible passage from thousands of years ago aligns perfectly with modern scientific research.

And, if it feels like true, lasting joy has become a distant memory oreven a “myth”…

Then please take hope in what I’m about to share.

In spite of the controversy, it’s already helped so many women and men in my own church.

And, since my testimony has now gone somewhat viral…

It’s now helping thousands of men and women just like me- and just like you – all over the world.

Obviously, I can’t take any of the credit.

And the hard truth is this: things got worse before they got better.

So please allow me to explain and to introduce myself.

Hi my name’s Nicole Swanson.

I’m from a small town outside of Boise, Idaho.

And honestly, I didn’t grow up in the church.

I came from a broken, alcoholic home…

And I suffered abuse as a child.

I don’t like to talk about it…

But it factors into this story, as you’ll see in a minute.

I discovered a deep connection with God in high schoolwhen a friend invited me to her youth group.

Church became the family I never had.

I felt loved and accepted – like I finally belonged somewhere.

I married my high school sweetheart Rick when I was 22.

Within a few short years, we started our family.

Before my son Ben was born, I was so excited to become a mother.

I had dreamed of how happy our new little family would be.

But without much support from my family…

And with Rick gone so much for work…

I sunk into what I now know was postpartum depression.

Have you ever looked forward to something so much…

But then, when it finally arrived, it was nothing like you thought?

I quickly discovered that “depression”was a taboo word in our church.

They talked about it like being depressed or being happy was a matter of choice…

Of exercising your faith.

But that wasn’t my experience.

Once youthful joy left…

A couple years later, Brittany was born.

And it was just more of the same.

I loved my kids and husband with all my heart.

Rick was always a great provider, he’s truly kind, and was always as much help around the house as possible.

I had every reason to be happy,or “joyful” as our church referred to it.

But I just couldn’t shake the dark mood that seemed to follow me around.

I pictured it like “Pigpen’s” cloud of dust.

But for me, it just felt like this shadow of stress, agitation, and sadness.

Have you ever felt like a shadow was following you around?

It’s like it attached itself to me…

The women’s Bible study leaders prayed over me…

But then whispered about me behind my back.

The elders “anointed” me with oil…

Proclaimed me “healed” – but then sent me on my way.

I saw counselors from within the church…

And I even secretly tried antidepressants.

Even though my church talked about “mood-altering” medications like they were forbidden narcotics…

And displayed a lack of faith.

They ended up making me feel worse, so I stopped.

I felt so lost and alone.

My world, which should be filled with joy, happiness, and fulfillment…

Was instead filled with confusion, guilt, and feeling stressed out.

I felt like I was living in a pit…

But unlike the Psalmist, I couldn’t say, “He lifted me up out of the pit.”

It felt like I was in a living hell.

And all the efforts of those in my church…

Funny thing is, looking backnow…I’m not bitter, oreven angry.

I want to believe everyone was doing the best they could with theinformation they had at the time.

I once saw a quote from Maya Angelou who said,

“We do the best we can with what we know, and when we know better, we do better.”

So I don’t look back on those years with anger or bitterness…

Going all the way back to childhood…

Yet at the time, I didn’t know howdeep that mark was…

That is until a “coincidental” meetingat a coffee shop in Boise.

That’s where I met a pastor who showed me how there was an unusual way to turn all that around.

It would require some faith on my part…

And some breakthrough science from M.I.T.

This scientific breakthrough has been confirmed by the world’s most prestigious research universities like Boston College, Harvard, and Stanford…

Plus it’s been validated by leading Christian universities like Baylor, Southern Methodist University, and Pepperdine.

It’s the discovery that can turn that dark cloud into the bright light of day…

Help turn your mourning into dancing…

And put a smile on your face.

It helps cancel a strange curse mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy…

Explaining exactly the true origin of that low-grade agitation.

Like I mentioned, it’s NOT what you think…

So I met Pastor Adam “by chance” in a coffee shop in downtown Boise.

The line was insanely long, and while we waited for our coffees, we struck up a conversation.

We chatted about our families, the different churches we were involved with…

And about not doing anything important until we’d had our first cup of coffee.

We joked about how coffee is called “Christian Crank”…

Like it’s the only “acceptable” drug in the Christian world.

I joked that my coffee routinewas one of the fewthings Itruly looked forwardto any more.

As soon as I said it, I regretted it.

But, Pastor Adam looked me in the eye with compassion and said…

“Look, I know you don’t know me, but I get it.

And sometimes the church can be an unforgiving place.

I’d be honored to hear your story and find out why.”

For what seemed like eternity…

I just sat there stunned, unsure what I should say.

I’d experienced such judgment and shame from those in positions of power in the church…

That I wasn’t sure if my story was safe with him.

But I sensed a deep compassion from him…

And he had made some jokes about Christian Crank…

Which told me he might not be as uptight and rigid as so many others had been.

In the end, I broke down andjust told him everything.

I told him about Brittany’s heartbreaking prayers for my happiness…

And the crisis of faith she was going through…

I told him about the weight I just couldn’t seem to get out from under.

He sat and just listened…

Asking a few questions…

And thankfully not offering any platitudes or advice.

“I so admire your courage, and thank you for honoring me with your story.

I’m so sorry you’ve felt so alone in your pain. I’ve felt thatway too.”

“Since you’ve shared your story with me, may I share minewith you?”

He told me that he had some good news to share with me at the end.

At the time, I didn’t know how goodthat good news was…

But, as you’ll soon see, it was the best news I’d ever heard since my first encounter with God so many years ago.

First he told me that he understood my frustration and pain.

He admitted that it’s something the church doesn’t really know how to talk about…

It was such a relief to hear him admit that.

Then he talked about how clear it was to him that some of the Bible’s greatest heroes wrestled with frustration, agitation, and with unresolved pain…

What we now call “trauma.”

Then he asked me a question I’ll never forget.

He said,“Did you know that pain gets stored in the cells of your body?”

I knew my pain and trauma from childhood were “stored” in my memories…

But I’d never heard that it gets stored in our cells.

Adam went on to tell me about the world’s #1 authority on pain and trauma.

He’s a Boston University researcher named Bessel van der Kolk.

His life’s work is a book called “The Body Keeps the Score.”

It’s now been published in 36 languages.

As of the middle of 2021, the book had spent more than 141 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List for Nonfiction…

And for 27 of those weeks, it was the #1 bestseller in the nation.1

In it he describes how trauma, painful events, andnegative experiences…

Are stored not just in our memories…

But literally stored in the cells of our bodies.2

Scientists have now demonstrated how pain and trauma imprints on our DNA.3

Adam went on to tell me about a phenomenon described in the Bible…

That is called “Epigenetics” by scientists.

This is where pain and trauma is passed down from one generation to the next.4

He told me “epigenetics” is like seeing the words of the Bible show up in modern scientific experiments.

He told me about a now-famous experiment performed by scientists at Emory University.

Founded in Atlanta in 1836, it’s one of the nation’s most prestigious research universities.

So, Emory University researchers took a group of mice.

Then they combined the scent of cherry blossoms with a mildly painful electric shock.

Eventually, like Pavlov’s dogs…

They associated the scent of cherrieswith pain.

All they had to do was smell thescent of cherry blossoms…

And the mice would react inpanic…just anticipatingthe pain.

But then, the researchers demonstrated something truly eye-opening.

They tested the descendants of that group of mice.

Even into the 3rd & 4th generation, the scent of cherry blossoms would trigger panic in the mice…

Even though they had no actual experience of the electric shock.

The DNA of the descendants carried the “Genetic Memory”of the pain.5

I sat stunned as I considered the implications.

Our cells not only carry the painof our own trauma…

But the genetic memory of our ancestors.

I remembered sermons I’d heard about the “sins of the fathers” being visited upon the children…

Even to the 3rd and 4th generation… (Deut. 5:9).

And things started to become clear.

Looking back on my own life, and remembering my own trauma and pain…

Plus the trauma I knew my mother had endured…

I was carrying the “genetic memory” of pain and trauma in the very cells of my body.

You’re carrying the painful experiences of previous generations in the cells of your body?

That they’re imprinted on your DNA?

Is this the reason we feel like we can’t escape the darkcloud that seems to follow us around?

I immediately felt some relief that there was an explanation…

But it also filled me with a fresh horror.

Maybe, like me, you’ve started to wonder…

What had I been carrying in my body… for decades???

What’s happening to my children???

I’m sure Pastor Adam sensed my panic…

And the fear that I’d never be out from under the weight I’d been carrying.

Pastor Adam explained how he’d seen so many people in his congregation live with a weight they just couldn’t get out from under…

And that he came to understand the explanation, confirmed by both the Bible and the scientific community…

Was the cumulative effect of pain and trauma.

That the body does indeed keep the score.

He said he was convinced that the escalation of pain, trauma, stress, and anxiety in our society…

Is creating a near-constant state of “panic” in our cells.

The “genetic memory” in our cells is so frequently triggered…

It’s like the “fight or flight” response never gets shut off in our nervous system.

He told me that some experts are calling this phenomenon the “Cellular Panic Cycle.”7 8

Pastor Adam told me he now saw King Saul’s erratic behavior in a different light.

He wondered if it was the “Cellular Panic Cycle” that kept triggering him…

Until he just couldn’t escape the cellular panic he was experiencing…

Driving him to hate David, even though he had previously loved him like a son.

Then, Pastor Adam got very quiet and reflective.

I could see tears starting to form in his eyes.

“I have a friend named Daniel. He was my his best friend all through seminary.

He often felt agitated, weighed down, anxious, and often felt a panic he couldn’t explain and couldn’t fix.

Eventually, the Dean suggested Danielshould drop out of seminary…

Saying he wasn’t “Pastor Material.”

I wish I knew then what I know now.

I know now that the Cellular Panic Cycle was wreaking havoc on Daniel.

After dropping out of seminary, Daniel was ready for a change of scenery…

So he volunteered for a missions trip to South Africa.

That one decision changed Daniel’s life forever.

One day, while he was with his team out in the bush…

A tribe of hunter-gatherers prepared a meal for them.

Part of their meal was to chew on a local plant that looked like ice plant.

They called it “Kougoed”.

Loosely translated, it means “something to chew.”

He told me that after sharing this meal, he felt a slow wave of peace start to wash over him.

He just felt “lighter.”

Soon he was feeling a deep-seated Joy…Something he hadn’t experienced in years.

It was like he was feeling the good in his life – for the very first time.

When Daniel got home he told Pastor Adam all about his experience.

He brought home pictures, desperate to find out what this mysterious “ice plant” was…

Sensing he had an important new mission from God, Pastor Adam told me how he felt like he kicked into high gear to help his friend.

Together they dove deep into botanical research.

They discovered that the “ice plant” Daniel experienced in South Africa is called Sceletium Tortuosum.

The common name for it is “Kanna.”

And although it’s relatively unheard of in the US, it’s been used by South African hunter-gatherer tribes as a natural mood booster from prehistoric times.

The first known written account of the plant’s use was in 1662 by renowned Dutch explorer Jan van Riebeeck.

Early scientific research indicated that Kanna was indeed a powerful mood booster…

Adam was concerned that there might be some strong psycho-active compounds in Kanna.

But he was relieved to discover that are zero psycho-active compounds in Kanna.

It’s effective simply because it contains a powerful alkaloid that helps boost the effectiveness of the body’s natural serotonin production.

Perhaps you already know that Serotoninis known as the “Happy” chemical.

Adam found that Kanna doesn’t “add” serotonin to your body…

It simply helps neutralize specific chemicals that block serotonin from having the effect designed by God.

See, Serotonin travels on a very specific pathway in your body.

Not to be too technical, but it’s worth knowing.

This pathway is called the “HPA-Axis.”

But it shares this pathway with stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline.

But if those stress chemicals are dominating the HPA-Axis…

It gets so crowded that Serotoningets blocked…

And can’t get distributed throughout your body.

It’s kind of like rush-hour traffic.

So the chemical God put in your bodySo you could feel joy – gets blocked out.

Adam told me he was so excited to discover how Kanna worked.

Kanna helps unblock the HPA-Axis from being dominated by all those stress chemicals…

And make way for Serotonin, the “happy” chemical, to have its God-designed impact on the body.

Pastor Adam got so excited.

He began to think that if he could find a reliable source for importing Kanna from South Africa…

He could help his friend Daniel – and countless others.

That’s when he contacted a friend who worked in the supplement business.

Adam told him about this promising “new” mood-boosting compound.

But his friend completely rained on his parade.

He told Adam, “The supplement industry has knownabout Kanna for years, but it’s basically worthless.”

Adam told me how his heart dropped, and how he was stunned and devastated.

He told Adam that the problem wasn’t with Kanna…

It was with the “delivery system.”

It has has to be chewed on “fresh” so saliva can activate its compounds…

If you try and put the same compounds in a supplement, its “bioavailability” becomes basically zero.

Adam explained that bioavailability refers to a nutrient’s ability to be absorbed into the cells of our bodies.

And that it didn’t matter how “great” a nutrient was…

If the molecules of the compound are too large for the body’s cells to absorb, it’s basically a waste of time and money.

Adam hung up, thinking he was at a dead end…

And unsure of what to do next.

But then, Adam’s friend calledhim back the next day.

He said, “Hey, I remembered something late last night and you should look into it.

A friend of mine at MIT was working on a technology that can split molecules into nano-sized particles.

Maybe MIT’s nano technology can shrink Kanna’s molecules so it can work as a supplement.”

Adam’s initial research revealed thatMIT’s technology was powerful enough toshrink Kanna into nano particles.

But that there were only a couple scientists in the entire country with the know-how and the equipment to do it.

One of the only ones on the West Coast was in Utah.

Adam called to make an appointment to visit the facility.

But the scientist said he was so busy using this brand new technology, that he was at least 6 months out.

Adam told him he understood, but then decided to tell about his friend Daniel and his discovery of Kanna in South Africa.

Adam told him he truly wanted to helpas many people as possible.

The scientist said he’d never heard of Kanna before, but he could sense Pastor Adam’s passion this new mission…

So he promised to see if he could research a formulation that would make nanotechnology work for Kanna.

When Adam asked what he meant by “formulation”…

The scientist explained that for something to actually work…

It took more than breaking something into “nano” particles.

Nano particles have a way of clustering back together after they’ve been split apart.

They need the right “host” solution and the rightnatural stabilizers to keep the nano particles…

He said the “nano” machinery is only 20% of the “nano magic.”

The other 80% was creating the right host solution for the nano particles to “live in”.

He told Pastor Adam that it would take several months to do the research, source the Kanna compound, and create the formula.

That’s when Pastor Adam paused.

At first I thought something was wrong.

But then he smiled and told me that the scientist had just shipped him their first trial batch of 6 bottles…

And that he’d been praying that God would send someone his way that it might help…

He also told me he had a sample with him and wantedto know if I’d like to try it.

I almost broke down and cried…

Thinking of the relief I just might feel…

Of the constant agitation that might just disappear…

Of the joy that could be mine, one that wasn’t just a flash in the pan…

I thought of Ben and Brittany no longer wanting to avoid me…

And I thought of my patient husband Rick finally feeling like he had his wife back

He told me the lab had used MIT’s “nano-emulsion”technology to shrink the Kanna molecules down to80,000 times smaller than their regular size.

He told me that on paper it was just as miraculous as Jesus telling us that salvation was like a camel going through the eye of a needle!

When I got home I took out the amber bottle Adam had given me…

Used the dropper to place a few drops under my tongue just as Pastor Adam had told me to.

I said a hopeful prayer, asking God to please let it work.

I went back out to the kitchen to make dinner with Ben and Brittany.

I was about halfway into our meal preparations…

When I noticed Ben kinda looking at me side-eyed.

Then Brittany came up to me, gave me a great big hug…

Closed her big brown eyesand said,“Mom, I justlove you.”

I said, “I love you too, sugar.”

I hadn’t really put two and two together yet…

But when I went out to the garage to get some green beans…

I overheard another conversation between my kids.

“Ben,” Brittany whispered, “I think maybe God answered my prayers. Mom has been so chill and happy this whole time.”

Tears sprung up in my eyes as I realized pastor Adam’s Kanna formula had been working.

It was working so well that I hadn’t realized that my dark cloud had vanished.

Working so well that my family noticed – almost immediately.

That’s when I started noticing more clearly how I felt.

I felt so peaceful and relaxed.

Not agitated and on edge.

I’d even say that I felt “happy”…

But that wouldn’t do it justice.

I felt like it was actual joy…

Like I was experiencing my lifefor the very first time.

And in that moment, it just hit me just how long it had been since I’d felt “normal.”

I just stood in the hallway again and cried.

But these were tears of joy…

Because in that moment there was a genuine smile on my face…

And true joy in my heart.

Over the next week I used it every single morning.

And I truly felt like I’d experienced that Isaiah 61 transformation I mentioned earlier.

He gave me beauty for ashes…

A deep joy instead of mourning…

And a garment of celebration instead of a spirit of heaviness and despair. (Isa. 61:3)

Even though there were times I felt sad about my past…

Or frustrated by life circumstances…

Like burning a casserole…

Or a misunderstanding I had with Rick.

It all felt so much more manageable…

Like those hard “life” things were the exceptions- and not the rule.

It was just the opposite of what my experiencehad been for years.

Where heaviness was the rule and happiness was the exception.

I experienced true, lasting “bliss” for the first time maybe in my entire life.

For the rest of the week, I could feel it going to work each and every morning.

The next week Pastor Adam called me to check in.

I told him everything I just shared with you.

He explained how researched has revealed that Kanna, when it can actually fit inside your cells…

Talks directly to the HPA-Axis pathway.

It helps interrupt the Cellular Panic Cycle.

The same cycle I’d been living with since I was a child…

The same cycle I’d been blaming myself for.

The same cycle I thought was because of my “lack of faith.”

Kanna is the switch that finally allows Serotoninback into the pathway God created.

See how important that word “Pathway” is?

I truly hope you can hold that word close to your heart.

He told me that some experts are now referring to this phenomenon as the “Serotonin Switch.”

And it helps switch off the Cellular Panic Cyclecaused by stress, pain, and trauma.

As we talked on the phone, I had a very powerful revelation.

There were countless men and women suffering from the Cellular Panic Cycle…

And that we had to get this miraculous news out to the world.

He told me he couldn’t agree more.

Then he said that he hadn’t decided on a name for it yet and asked if I had any ideas.

I only thought for half a beat before it hit me.

I’d had a smile on my face nearly non-stop since that day in the coffee shop.

“Smile.” I said.“Let’s call it Smile.”

Pastor Adam chuckled and said, “Then it’s decided. Smile is the perfect name.”

And right now in this moment, I couldn’t be happier to introduce you to

by Pastor Adam’s supplement company he now callsAnointed Nutrition.

Smile is the Kanna-based tincture deposited by God in the wilds of South Africa…

Discovered on a missions trip by Daniel….

With a delivery system made possible by technology from MIT…

With a powerfully stable and bioavailable formula perfected by one of the few“nano” scientists in the country…

I can’t encourage you enough to get your handson multiple bottles of Smile ASAP.

If you want to start feeling better than you have in years, or maybe decades…

If you want to feel like the dark cloud of stress and negativity has been replaced by beautiful sunshine…

And if you’d like to experience the joy and happiness God designed for you to enjoy…

If you’d like to feel your life as God desires you to…

And if you’d like to enjoy being in a better mood and staying there…

Without feeling up one moment, then down the next…

If you want to know what it feels like to experience the difficulties and sadnesses of everyday regular life as manageable and not so overwhelming.

Then Smile is the answer to your prayers.

Smile is the only product in the world finally able to harness the power of Kanna and pair it with Pastor Adam’s now patented NanoZorb™ Technology.

It’s the most potent solution out there that helps you feel the effects of serotonin without it getting always cancelled by the Cellular Panic Cycle.

But Pastor Adam didn’t stop there.

Since he first introduced Smile to me that day in the coffee shop, he didn’t stop researching other miraculous ingredients God put on earth…

Ones that could work synergistically with Kanna…

Compounds that showed amazing promise…

But were destined to be ignored by the scientific community because the molecules were too big to impact our cells.

He just knew there were compounds that could amplify the power of Kanna if they were shrunk to “nano size” through NanoZorb technology.

Pastor Adam consulted with some of the world’s most renowned formulators to perfect Smile.

And they decided to add just two bonus ingredients to Kanna…

And as of right now, it’s almost like God told him “This is good. You can rest from your labors.”

Here’s the rest of what makes Smile such a paradigm-shifting breakthrough.

The first bonus ingredient is called orPalmitoylethanolamide, or P.E.A. for short.

P.E.A. is produced naturally in the body.

It’s a fatty acid that helps people feel the “runner’s high” after a great workout…

Calm, pain-free, happy, confident, and full of life and vitality.

But the problem is, as you get older, your body doesn’t produce as much P.E.A. as it used to.

Which means this “feel good fatty acid” doesn’t do us much good after our 30’s.

And because its bioavailability is next to Zero…

It hasn’t worked effectively as a supplement…

Because of NanoZorb technology, P.E.A. can go to work…

It’s a perfect partner compound for Kanna.

Imagine feeling that same “runner’s high” – all day!

But there’s a second bonus ingredient in Smile calledLithium Orotate.

The body uses this unique mineral to help maintain a good mental balance and well-being.

It’s a mineral that used to be present in abundance in our water and soil.

And it used to be that we got the lithium orotate we needed just from the drinking water God created.

But now our drinking water is so processed and so degraded…

There’s little to no lithium orotate in the water or soil any more.

Which means most of us are drastically lacking this necessary mineral.

And with NanoZorb technology, lithium orotate can go back to work as God intended helping stabilize mood and well-being.

Together, these 3 power-packed ingredients work synergistically to help boost your mood andhelp you feel calm, peaceful, and joyful.

And, thanks to NanoZorb technology, the bioavailability of these 3 superhero ingredients is off the charts…

Meaning you’ll get every ounce of impact God built into these ingredients.

So, right now, if you’re wondering how to get your hands on Smile, you’re not alone.

You might also wonder how much to take and when you can expect to feel its miraculous power.

It’s probably obvious by now, but I’m on a mission to get this into as many hands as possible.

But as you can probably guess, all the lockdowns from the pandemic have caused some problems for our suppliers from South Africa.

Shipping and receiving issues seem to pop up left and right.

Which is why Adam’s team at Anointed Nutrition isworking tirelessly to make sure we don’t run out.

As more and more people experience what I have, demand is spreading like wildfire.

The NanoZorb™ production method isn’t easy, and it certainly isn’t cheap.

Remember, all of Anointed Nutrition’s products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility under strict and sterile conditions.

And there’s even 3rd party testing BEFORE Smile gets a label applied.

And then again AFTER it leaves the lab to guarantee purity and potency.

That way what you put in your body is:

Pastor Adam insists on this kind of purity because many of those toxins can re-trigger acortisol spike in your cells.

Plus, you can rest assured that this tincture is

Maintaining this standard of purity is very demanding, but Pastor Adam and the team at Anointed Nutrition believe this kind of integrity is worth it.

This quality control process is so time and labor intensive, it’s why he constantly runs the risk of running out of stock…

Plus, because many of our customers understandthis risk, they order several months’ supply at a time.

Which, frankly, is justa smart idea.

But it also puts even more strain on production.

You might be surprised that Pastor Adam reads each and every story our customers send our way.

And we can’t help but smile so big with what gets sent in every day.

Smile is truly changing people’s lives.

Some have even said that we’ve “saved their lives.”

What this means is that Adam has his work cut out for him just to maintain inventory.

We truly don’t ever want to see another person have to live through what I did, before Adam introduced meto Smile.

In fact, once you try Smile,you’ll want to spread the good news as well.

To help with that, Adam created an epic discount for everyone who wants to try Smile today…

Especially if you’re watching the family budget.

I’ll tell you more about that introductory offer in just a minute.

But first onto that other question:

“How much should I take?”

That’s the beauty of Smile is its state-of-the-art Delivery System.

It takes the guesswork out of it.

One bottle contains a 1-month supply.

So, each morning, drop 2-3 drops under your tongue and let it sit there for about 30 seconds.

That’s the best starting place for most people. But you can adjust your dose based on your individual needs.

Since it gets absorbed into the bloodstream fast…

It bypasses the digestive system altogether.

This means you can take Smile any time – on anempty stomach or with food.

But please make sure you’re consistent for 30 full days, though.

Many people experience near-instant results within 15-20 minutes.

But like you’d expect, every body is different.

And what Pastor Adam is seeing is that the benefits compound with daily use.

Especially during the first couple weeks.

Your body’s cells have a lot of work toreverse what might be a lifetime (or more) of pain.

After the first couple weeks, Smile will become “maintenance”, helping you feel amazing 24/7/365.

Which is why Adam always suggests that people start with at least a 3-month supply.

And to go with a 6-month supply if we’re fully stocked.

With the inventory challenges we’ve had from the pandemic, 6-bottle packs aren’t always available.

So if they are showing as “available”on your screen right now,I strongly encourage you to get the 6-bottle bundlewhile it’s available.

It’s important to know that the only place you can get Smile with NanoZorb™ at this steeply discounted price…

Is right here on this website – nowhere else.

We’ve been contacted by several retail outlets who want to stock this life-changing product.

Adam’s praying about whether or not to go the “retail” route.

He knows he’ll be able to help more people…

But the price will definitely go up.

Obviously the stores need to make money.

They have employees to pay and lights to keep on.

But it also means the price will have to go up on this website as well.

For such a life-changing, difficult to source product like Smile…

And that would STILL be way less expensivethan most mood medications with strange anddangerous side effects or ineffective supplements.

With NanoZorb™, you can use less because it’s so concentrated.

Because Anointed Nutrition is a family business, Adam’s able to keep costs as low as possible.

Right now, he’s offering an introductory price on Smile.

That’s less than most people’s coffee habit!

But Adam came up with an even better way to go.

He’s created an amazing introductory discount on our 6-month bundle for as long as supplies last.

This bundle is only available to those reading this presentation today.

So many of our customers have chosen to stock up and have said it’s the smartest move they could have made.

It was confirmation to create an even biggerIncentive to say yes to the 6-bottle package.

As long as the 6-month supply is still available, you can stock up and save even more…

The only way to get that discount is right here on this website.

Plus, as a new customer, we’re covering your shipping and handling when you order either the 3 or 6 bottle bundle.

So if the 6-Bottle Option is available on your screen, go ahead and get that now…

Or choose the package that’s right for you.

And Secure Your Order Today While There Are Supplies In Stock!

*Special Discount Pricing Available Only While Supplies Last

Then your package of Smile will be on its way to your door via USPS Priority Shipping.

All orders placed before 3pm Eastern Standard Time ship the same day.

That way they get to you as soon as possible.

You deserve true, lasting joy heading your way as fast as humanly possible.

Look, I’m confident you’ll look back on today the same way I look back on meeting Pastor Adam in that coffee shop.

Remembering how EVERYTHING changed…

The day you discovered that living with Chronic Cellular Panic is no longer necessary.

The day you started to get your life back, your family back.

The day you started feeling like the real “you.”

The day you got your joy back.

You’re going to remember what it feels like to start feeling yourself again.

You’re going to remember feeling like Isaiah 61 has come true for you too.

He will give you beauty for ashes…

Lasting joy instead of mourning…

And a garment of celebration instead of a spirit of heaviness and despair. (Isa. 61:3)

6 months of Smile will have you feeling like that passage was written specifically for you.

So go ahead and choose the bundle that’s best for you right now.

And start experiencing the spark of joy, happiness, and light heartedness.

*Special Discount Pricing Available Only While Supplies Last

We’re so confident you’re going to love the way you feel that we’ve decided that EVERY order comes with an unconditional 6-Month “Brittany Hug” Guarantee.

Whether you order 1, 3, or 6 bottles, your order is guaranteed for 6 months.

Just place any order today… and say “maybe” to Smile.

You’ll receive your full supply in a matter of days.

Then, you’ll have 180 days to try it out and make sure it’s right for you.

If it’s not, you’ve risked nothing.

What does my Brittany have to do with it?

Well, I feel like Pastor Adam’s formula gave me back my daughter’s trust and happiness.

She’ll never have to experience the chronic cellular panic like I did.

That’s why Pastor Adam is guaranteeing that Smile will add something amazing back into your life as well.

Maybe it’s finally feeling the energy to start exercising…

Maybe it’s taking up a new hobby like tennis, gardening, pickleball, or golf.

This is so powerfully effective that if you haven’t added something amazing back into your life – like my Brittany…

Then just contact our customer service center, and we’ll refund every penny.

Look, Pastor Adam can’t make your decision any simpler or easier than that…

And he can’t make this offer more full of integrity and transparency.

He has such total confidence in Smile that he’s putting his money where his mouth is for 6 full months.

That’s what you call a Zero-Risk Guarantee…

Cause he’s taking all the risk off you and placing it on himself.

Since he’s removed all the risk, this should be one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make.

Get your order in right now while our inventory is up.

You’ll be glad you did once you’ve experienced what it’s like to feel deep, lasting joy again..

So choose from one of the available bundles below and choose to start feeling better.

All you have to do now is make a simple decision and say “yes” to Smile.

*Special Discount Pricing Available Only While Supplies Last

Now for the next moment or two, I want you to put everything on “hold.”

Put everything I’ve shared with you in this presentation on hold.

…forget about all the Smile customers who are living a freer, happier, more fulfilled life today because they saw what you just saw and chose to take action…

… forget about the relief that’s possible – at the cellular level…

… and forget about what life will be like when happiness and joy are the rule, not the exception.

And I want you to imagine what you would give to feel totally free of that dark cloud…

Imagine what it will feel like to have your loved ones fully delight in being around you…

Because you’re so fun to be around…

imagine feeling fully alive and present with the ones you love – and who love you.

Imagine NOT being limited by your mood.

Imagine a perpetual smile on your face instead of the perpetual stress of just wanting to feel good – but knowing that it’s out of reach.

What would you give for that?

For me, because of Brittany and Ben, I’d give everything I own – down to my last breath – for them to not have to ever worry again about if Mom’s going to be “on edge” again.

If you can’t feel that kind of commitment right now.

And I truly appreciate you taking the time to go through this presentation.

But I want you to consider this before you move on: if you do nothing, nothing will ever change.

That’s because the pain and suffering you’re experiencing is in the DNA of your cells.

It’s not just “in your head” or because you “lack faith.”

But if you want to experience what I did…

If you want to say goodbye to allThose days of feeling like the world is closing in around you…

And the guilt you feel because your loved ones are paying a high price…

Choose your package and place your order now. It’s a risk-free decision.

You’ve heard my story, as well as the stories of dozens of other users about what the Smile has done for them…

You’ve seen the science behind why Kanna, PED, and Lithium Orotate…

In Nano form – are the answer to your prayers.

I encourage you to choose your bundle below, and join me in feeling better and better today, and every day.

*Special Discount Pricing Available Only While Supplies Last

Frequently Asked Questions

People who read this far usually have a few questions.

So let me answer a few of the most popular ones.

There are zero “psycho-active” compounds in Smile.

That’s not how it works.

It doesn’t “add” chemicals to your body to help you feel better.

It breaks the cycle of negative chemicals that are keeping serotonin OUT of the pathway of joy.

There is zero high. Only sweet peace and joy.

It works because it’s able to help modulate your body’s own stress response.

Stress, pain, and trauma all feed the Cellular Panic Cycle on the HPA-Axis…

Making a sustained happy mood almost impossible at the cellular level.

That’s NOT how God wants you to live.

Since Smile has “nano” sized molecules, it acts as the Serotonin Switch…

Allowing God’s “happy chemical” to reach you and make a big difference.

What happens when I click the “Add to Cart” button?

Once you choose the bottle option that’s best for you, you’ll be directed to our 100% safe and secure checkout page.

We use military-grade encryption to ensure your personal information stays safe.

On the checkout page, you’ll fill in your shipping and payment information, that way we know where to send your order.

Once your order is completed, the guys in the warehouse will get your order together.

We’ve streamlined this process so you get your order within 5 business days.

That means your struggle can become a distant memory as soon as possible.

How does the guarantee work?

Smile comes with an unprecedented 180 day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That means that once you’ve received your order, you have a full 6 months to make sure it’s right for you.

But, if for some reason you’re not thrilled, it’s as simple as calling or emailing the customer support team.

We’ll get you refunded ASAP with no questions and zero hassle.

How long will Smile be available?

I’m hoping Smile will continue to be the paradigm-shifting breakthrough for millions of Americans for years to come.

And… with the army of litigators at their disposal, Pastor Adam is concerned he might have a “big pharma” bullseye on his back.

That’s why it’s important for you to get Smile today.

Since you’re protected with our 180 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

You have nothing to lose.

I’m ready to try Smile. What’s Next?

All you have to do is choose the package that’s right for you by clicking one of the buttons below.

Remember, the more consistently you use Smile, the better it works for you.

And… since out-of-stocks are always a possibility… I always recommend getting the 6 bottle option.

That way, you know you – and your family – are covered.

And, since you have a full 6 months to make sure it’s right for you… there’s zero risk to you in getting the multiple bottle option.

Then, once you’ve completed your order on the secure checkout page, you’ll receive your order within 5 business days.

*Special Discount Pricing Available Only While Supplies Last

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